View Full Version : My 6 gallon betta tank

07-21-2015, 10:22 PM
Hey guys, I just wanted to share my new tank with you all. I have never been a big fan of bettas, but as soon as I saw this little guy, I knew I had to get him. This guy is not camera shy lol.

Tank: Pico Aquariums 12x12x9
Light: Finnex planted+ Clip on light
Filter: Sunsun 602b, using spray bar
Heater: Cobalt aquatics easy therm 50w
Substrate: Eco complete

I will be adding more plants very soon. Any comments/suggestions are welcome!

07-21-2015, 10:48 PM
thats a fine looking betta...breed him with another blue betta and see what happens

07-23-2015, 10:33 AM
Added a couple more plants. Hopefully these will grow well!