View Full Version : Where can I collect good stones for an iwagumi tank.

08-24-2015, 12:11 PM
I'm thinking about starting an iwagumi aquasape for some shrimp of mine but I'm having trouble finding a good selection of interesting rocks. I've looked in stores and they are either too expensive or not enough of a selection of the stones that I would like. I was hoping that I could go out and collect my own rocks, but I've had trouble finding any rocks with nice/interesting texture. Does anyone on this forum have any advice for where I can find a good selection of interesting rocks. (Keep in mind that for this type of set up, I would prefer that all rocks be of the same kind).

08-24-2015, 02:15 PM
We just got our first batch of the imitation Seiryu stone I looks a lot better then I expected and fairly close to the real stuff.

We also always keep Dragon Stone in stock. This is the real true dragon stone. One of the favorite choices for Iwagumi style next to Seiryu stone.

Obviously both of them aren't cheap at $5.99 per pound, but that is still a good bit cheaper then what you will pay getting it directly from ADA/ADG/Aqua Forest.

We also carry some nice petrified wood and wood stone. I have seen some really nice petrified wood Iwagumi scapes.

I've also done some really nice Iwagumi scapes using "Field Stones" from the landscape suppliers. Looks nice and natural and has a good texture... but it isn't a traditional stone used in Aquascaping.

Most of the stuff I find in rivers is either too round or I've been too worried about rust to use it in a tank. The only time I used rock out of a river that didn't look like river stone I tested it in a separate non-inhabited tank first before use. Also keep in mind that some of the stone you will find outside may buffer your water up high.

If you haven't hit you the landscaping suppliers yet I would check those out first. Especially the ones that also supply rock for ponds. Some times they have some really nice stuff for cheap.


08-26-2015, 10:32 AM
I have a box of Seiryu stone that I bought from someone on plantedtank.net. I'm not positive if it's the real deal or imitation, but it looks nice & way more than I need for a few shrimp tanks. I would be willing to part some out. PM me if interested.