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08-31-2015, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone!

My name is Desiree. I just recently got out of the Marine Corps and decided to start the aquarium hobby like I have been wanting to do for a while now. I just started with a 5.5 gal marineland tank with a 2.5' Black Moor in it. I am completely in love with her and have decided to stick with goldfish. From what I've seen they have great personalities with different species and different colors. I do plan on getting a bigger tank and more fish. I'm also looking for legit fish stores (not just PetSmart) that are selling goldfish as well. Any advice on freshwater or goldfish aquariums would be great!

Thank you and hope to talk to some of you soon:fishing:

08-31-2015, 09:47 AM
Hello Desiree and welcome!

First off, thank you so much for your service to our country! Secondly, you have chosen the right time to join the Club - the semi-annual "Big Auction" is coming up and you will have a great opportunity to find the fish and tank(s) you want!

I encourage you to do as much research as possible on the fish you want to keep and how to best keep them. Most of all, keep it simple and fun!

With the right staffing, PetSmart can be a good source of things fishy - I don't know what's out in Dahlonega but there may be a fish store directory here on the website somewhere.

Welcome again!


08-31-2015, 10:58 AM
There used to be a breeder over near Blue Ridge that specialized in top end goldfish for ponds but you'd have to scour the 'net! Welcome home!

08-31-2015, 11:05 AM
Goldfish are still one of my favorite fish. They are more social than most fish and you can interact with them to a certain degree. If you plan on getting a larger tank and more goldfish be aware that a good guideline is 15 gal for the first goldfish and 10 gal more for each additional goldfish. Do not mix common or comet goldfish with your fancy goldfish as the fancy goldfish tend to not compete well over food and the much faster commons will have an advantage. A good fish to add to a goldfish tank is a rubberlip pleco to keep the tank walls clean. White cloud mountain minnows or dojo loaches go well with them too. Goldfish love zucchini, green peas, green beans and duckweed.
The fish club auction is definitely something you would want to go to. You can get everything you would want for another tank at a lot less then if you bought it at a store. I don't recall seeing goldfish there before but I might be wrong. Mostly cichlids, live bearers and some odds and ends. But great for getting stuff for a new tank and awesome if you are looking for plants at a great price.

08-31-2015, 03:26 PM
There is an atlanta koi club and they have goldfish in their shows and auctions. Goldfish are lively and personable,but you will need much bigger tanks. As far as I know all goldfish are the same species. But like dogs, have been developed over the centuries into several very different creatures.

09-01-2015, 06:58 AM
that store in Dahalonega is called Wet Pets...im not sure he sells goldfish, and he sells Japanese imported Koi, or ones hes raised himself. High end stuff, and he certainly wont sell you something if its going into a fish tank. he has opinions. There is a small pet shop on the square in Cleveland, but i dont think its much. however they may be able to order something for you

09-01-2015, 06:42 PM
Goldfish are great, but there's such a bigger world! Check out african Malawi cichlids. Careful. It's addictive. ;-)

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