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Senpai Snek
09-25-2015, 07:26 PM
Hi, my name is Brandee. I lived in Alabama for 15 years then moved to Florida for 3 years. After I graduated, I moved to Atlanta and I love it here! I've always had fish and started my reptile hobby in Florida. I now have a small 2 gallon with my crowntail beta (Henry) in it, a 10 gallon for feeder guppies, a 10 gallon for my fantail goldfish (Holly), another 10 gallon with a natural driftwood and plant setup for my tiger barbs, a 55 gallon for my community fish (also heavily planted and with real driftwood), and a 10 gallon brackish water for my figure eight puffer (Sebastian) and his 3 bumblebee gobies. Just to make this more fun, I'll give you some details on my vivarium. It's a living ecosystem will earthworms, rollie pollies, live plants, a misting system, artificial sun, and even water! It's gorgeous and I made it myself. It houses my mountain horn lizard (Yama) and my 3 whites tree frogs (Lump, Bump, and Dump). I'm also in the Georgia Reptile Society and take great pride in that. I'm vary happy I finally found a place like Atlanta that has so much more than the small town I used to live in! Thank you all. ~^.^~

09-25-2015, 08:57 PM
Welcome Brandee!