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12-06-2015, 11:08 AM
At the AAAA party yesterday someone asked me about breeding Betta splendens. Instead of reinventing the wheel I will just suggest going to one site that is full of information and photos www.bettaterritory.nl. Then click on the Breeding topic. I have also put a lot of photos, information and links in my Facebook group, Gloriousbettas.

One thing to remember is there can be 300 or more fry in just one spawn. And jars, jars and more jars! Water changes, water changes, water changes!!!

FYI now breeding and keeping Wild Bettas.http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12/06/5c4792d8de7d3edf8a8b9acacfaf8b96.jpg

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