View Full Version : What to do with gravel?

12-20-2015, 05:12 PM
I've switched over all of my tanks to sand/plant substrates, and have lots of gravel left over..... We're talking 70 lbs!

Any one have an idea to repurpose it? I hate throwing it away....

12-20-2015, 11:07 PM
You can put in the bottom of flower pots to provide drainage. You can put it over the dirt in pots to make them pretty. You can use it lieu of charcoal in aquarium filters (does bio, not chemical), you can use it to weigh down peat pots of plants in tanks. I once tried using it to weigh down plants in little net bags, but the bags snare plecoes. You can give or trade it away at the next meeting. You can glue to decor to make it more "natural looking" than clay pots or pvc pipe. You could use it with your sand to make a no-plant "road" in your tank.

I would probably just post it "free", must pick up, bring your own bucket. For what its worth, empty kitty-litter buckets are excellent for storing and moving gravel.

12-21-2015, 06:29 AM
Thanks for all the ideas!

The idea to put it by flowerpots outside is great! I actually tried siliconing it to pvc, kinda worked....


12-23-2015, 08:38 AM
Perfect timing! I've just emptied 4 20H and am going to sand and sponge filters, and I need a less intrusive way to add breeding caves!

12-23-2015, 06:00 PM
I don't think silicone is the right adhesive. I've seen nice caves built from gravel, but I'm not sure what they used.

12-23-2015, 06:11 PM
Huh maybe that's what I did wrong! I used GE Silicone 1, (it's 100% pure silicone with no additives) here's a pic of one of my creations: http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12/23/b2e0d1618f66d2a69d0cbe974ef5f1a7.jpg

12-23-2015, 06:23 PM
Maybe hot glue might work better? Small fine gravel works best, or really big rocks(1-2").

This is the website I got the idea from: http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/diy-decoration/99.asp

Lots of cool ideas there!

Mog Carns
12-23-2015, 10:19 PM
Pour it around your air conditioner to keep mud from splashing up into your condenser coils.