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02-14-2016, 07:11 AM
I am setting up a new 120G long (5 foot) aquarium. It's going to be American Cichlids and I'm not planning on any plants. I'd like to keep the lighting somewhat low to keep down on algae growth. My first idea was to get a single bulb shop light and build a canopy. I got to thinking last night though and realize the canopy will cost more than a decent light fixture so I want to go that route instead. I don't like canopies anyways. It makes maintenance harder. Most of the aquarium lights I've been seeing are quite bright. I could use a dimmable LED but that's paying for something I don't use. Does anyone know of a lower-wattage t5 around? I'd rather not spent too much if I don't have to. If not, I'll get the LED.

One other thing I'm looking for - 36W CF bulb @ about 6500K. I can only find them in 10000K or Actinic which I don't want on my freshwater. LMK if you know where to buy one.


02-14-2016, 08:25 AM
I'm using a dual bulb 36" t8 fixture on that exact tank and lighting is good

02-14-2016, 08:58 AM
Is that an aquarium fixture? I haven't seen t8 in a while.

I'm using a dual bulb 36" t8 fixture on that exact tank and lighting is good

02-14-2016, 09:24 AM
T8 is a size of fluorescent tube. I think that would be a better choice than compact flourecents or T5s which tend to put out a little more PAR usually. If you go the the fluorescent stoplight of any other form of fluorescent, just be sure you get the correct color spectrum. 6500 k will be fine, but is meant for plant growth and can also grow algae. A 10k may be a better option.

I would also really consider cheapo LED options. They tend to give off a little bit of a cleaner light and for some reason tends to grow a little less algae. And you'll never have to replace bulbs

02-14-2016, 10:18 AM
I agree with what RLHam said. Yes, it's a fixture. Can still find them in stores and online.

I purchased my tank 2nd hand, so light came with it.