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02-21-2016, 05:37 PM
I used a hot iron (woodburning tool), a medium petco brand kritter keeper, and a 35gph water pump from lord knows when. The keeper is smaller at the bottom than it is at the top, so it leans just enough when suctioned to the tank wall that the water wells over one edge. The hot iron was used to melt the water pump input and anchor holds for the suction cups. Six is probably major overkill, but I did not want the box to drop. If I do this again in another tank I think I will get the large keeper instead. I was thinking of making another one of these for my dwarf cory tank, but I may just get a Marina or Finnex outside hanging refugia so I can increase water volume. I went with in-tank this time for aesthetics and light access.


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02-21-2016, 06:30 PM
great build. really like what you did. hope it works out for you

02-21-2016, 06:42 PM
Looks good!

02-23-2016, 10:59 AM
Thanks everyone! The refugium has been put through its paces; no leaks, no falling off, and no escapees. When my T5HO fixture arrives I can focus on growing plants in there instead of tossing in clippings for cover.

02-23-2016, 11:07 AM
Great idea. I typically float this type of container in my tanks and manually transfer water, but I really like the idea of the suction cups. Did you use any special type of suction cups? I don't think I have ever just seen suction cups for sale, so I will ask where one can get them.

You definitely have made me begin to think about other type of Mods like this that can be made that would be useful.

02-23-2016, 12:08 PM
The suction cups are easy to find during holidays at big box home improvement stores, I want to say they always have a small display of them near one of the doors to the garden area in Lowes at the very least. You can also buy them online: http://www.amazon.com/Adams-Manufacturing-6500-74-3040-4-Inch-Suction/dp/B000HJBFSK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456246779&sr=8-1&keywords=adams+suction+cups

You need the ones with the metal hook you can pop off. You need that little groove so when you pop the button part of the suction cup into your drilled/melted holes the cups sort of snap in place and can't back out. I have the medium cups which hold about 3 pounds apiece, so 6 cups x 3lbs = can hold up over 18 pounds of refugium. Which is major overkill but I wanted to make extra sure it would stay put even if the main tank water level dropped or I put substrate in the box.

I've also found that using dwarf water lettuce makes a really nice, thin sheet of dripping water off one edge that's not capable of sucking platy fry out at the overflow point.