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03-23-2016, 11:17 AM
Hey all, as the titles says I think I accidentally bred my Rubbernose Plecos. I have never seen eggs like this before, and I can't imagine they would be from anything else except my plecos. Other livestock: ~80 guppy/endler's hybrids, 2 platys, 1 kuhli loach, 1 Siamese Algae Eater. So the only other fish that could breed are livebearers... I am quite excited by the prospect of the Rubbernoses breeding!! The pics are too large to upload to this website (taken with Galaxy S6, 3264x1836 resolution) so here they are. http://imgur.com/a/NYyIW

I have a few questions: What should I do? I have never bred any egg-laying fish ever before, and am still new to the hobby so I am completely ignorant of how to properly raise them. Since they laid eggs in the current conditions, I don't want to change anything as apparently its good enough to breed.. But I also really feel like I should do a water change. Should I be worried about the other fish eating the babies? I would very much like to save as many of these guys as I can!

03-23-2016, 12:23 PM
Congrats on the eggs!!!!

First of all, a Kuhli loach is an egg scatterer, not a live bearer - but they do not lay clumps of eggs. Those eggs look very similar to Bristlenose pleco eggs. The way I treat my pleco eggs is typically leave them in with the parents until they are hatched.

The main egg eaters you would have to worry about would be the Siamese algae eater. With that said, if I were you, I would leave them in with the parents and possible move the Siamese algae eater as a precation (if you have another place to put him). If you have to leave him in there, keep an eye on the eggs/fry around him.

Hope this helps.

03-23-2016, 02:07 PM
I don't think awflip meant that kuhli's are livebearers. "only fish that can breed are livebearers". Only one kuhli... can't breed anyway.

03-23-2016, 02:41 PM
Looks like you only have seven of the eggs of the batch left. Usually the pleco dad guards the eggs. If you found them abandoned odds are they are not fertile. Also often the first attempt is a practice run and most often does not result in any fry. I would worry about every fish in your tank as eggs are something most fish will not turn down. I would love to hear about your tank set up. Rubberlips are hard to spawn as they require a good strong current and from what I read lay their eggs on rocks in the path of the current.

03-23-2016, 03:20 PM
The dad has been guarding them the whole time. At this point there are only 3 yellow-ish ones left (I assume those are the fertilized ones), last night there were 11 so something is definitely happening to them. I do not have anywhere to move my fish, but I have been interested in re-housing my Siamese Algae Eater and would not hesitate if I get the chance. I do not want to move the plecos, as you Garfieldnfish said they are hard to breed with specific requirements and I definitely want to raise some of these babies if possible. The plecos have been in this tank for almost a year exactly.

Here is my setup:

It is a 55 long, has been running since last February. Right now it has a Tetra EX70 HOB filter. I have one 300W (I think, if it isnt 300W then it is 150W) heater, tank is usually around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There is about 1-1.5" of Miracle Gro Organic Soil topped with about 1-1.5" of Black blasting sand (it is technically actually Coal Slag). Recently I have been sick, and thus have been lazy with my tanks; for the past 3 weeks I haven't touched the tank except for feeding every few days (I usually fed every day or every other day), the top of the water is completely covered with duckweed and water lettuce, the most there has ever been. The eggs are on the glass, somewhat in front of the filter but behind a mesh breeding net I had placed in there, so the eggs are between the wall of the tank and some mesh netting. Linus (the pleco dad) is always up there, even before there were eggs. To be completely honest I don't even test my water, I just change water ~once a week, with 10-15 gallons each change.

Would it be worth moving the eggs into the breeding net so they are separated from the rest of the tank? Would it be bad if the dad wasn't guarding them anymore? Also, about how often do pleco's lay eggs (AKA when could I expect another clutch of eggs?)

03-23-2016, 03:31 PM
I have never bred rubberlips but the plecos I have had luck with were all cave spawners. The dad kept them locked in the cave until they used up their eggs sack before he released them which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks from the time they hatch. I believe the rubberlips guard their young as well so it looks to me that either the dad ate the eggs yolks or other fish got to them.
Plecos generally breed every 4 to 6 weeks if conditions are right. But I have had mine breed three or four times in a row and then not again for years.

03-23-2016, 03:44 PM
Okay, thanks for the advice. I'm just going to leave them where they are and hope for the best. I was watching the dad and he was thrashing around the eggs quite carelessly, would it be possible he burst the egg or killed it by smacking it with his tail? I sure hope he didn't eat them.
Sounds like this was an extremely lucky opportunity for me, I hope I (and the plecos) get another chance!

03-23-2016, 04:03 PM
If you are really serious about it I would remove all the other fish and let nature take it's course. It looks like you have the conditions right. I have had several first timers that had a dummy batch as their first one and the second time they got it right. If you need a home for your SAE I would gladly take him off your hand if you are going to the Spring auction.
BTW pleco dads are usually pretty good dads and only eat bad or unfertilized eggs. But I have seen them kick out perfectly good eggs on accident before and they hatched for me in an egg tumbler. But that is the exception to the rule or if the cave is angled wrong. But that would not apply to rubberlips as they do not use a cave.

You do not use a powerhead then?

03-23-2016, 07:18 PM
I am not planning on going to auction but I might go. I do have an empty 40 breeder right now, I don't have everything I need to set up so I think I'm going to set that up and transfer all except the plecos and then hope for the best!

No, I do not use a powerhead. The eggs are laid up at the top of the tank, maybe 1-2" below the water line.

03-23-2016, 07:59 PM
Keep in touch I would love to pick your brain if your succeed as I love rubberlips myself and would not mind dedicating a tank to them.