View Full Version : Can you tell me what this native (?) fish is? I got it at a club auction last year.

04-11-2016, 03:38 PM
Hey Everybody,

I bought some fish (minnow-like) at a club meeting last year and put them in my pond. They have awesome fluorescent fins and a fluorescent triangle on the top of their heads. They survived through the winter in the pond and seem to be developing more coloring along their backs. I only have two (I think) and would like to get more for breeding. Anyone know what they are? (And if any may show up at the auction?)


04-11-2016, 03:55 PM
I know there have been rainbow shiners before but I don't remember if there were at the last auction. Might could look them up and see if they're identical to the ones you have.

04-11-2016, 04:04 PM
Maybe they are the Vietnamese white cloud minnows? I've seen some people bring bags of them with 25+ to previous auctions....

04-11-2016, 05:55 PM
Thanks... there were only about half a dozen in the bag, but I can now look them up and compare...

04-11-2016, 05:56 PM
Thanks... now I have a start on where to look ...

04-12-2016, 11:49 AM
Rainbow Shiners!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-12-2016, 12:41 PM
Rainbow Shiners!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow they are gorgeous fish!