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04-24-2016, 11:24 PM
I always like discus, but have kept away mainly do to the cost for them and I am thinking of setting one up. Which I have heard they're not a easy fish to keep, if I did go down the route to so one. What would y'all recommend from and info that can be sent to me, to read up on their requirements needs to properly give them a biotope tank as much as possible. Thanks.

04-25-2016, 12:06 AM
I recommend joining Simply Discus...


Lots of great information on there. I don't think there is nearly as much to be scared of discus as people make it out. Doing good research you will learn that reaching a pH number is not nearly as important as keeping the pH stable. Also you will find that most people agree that large frequent water changes are key to long term success. I tell most of my customers that Discus aren't "hard" to keep... you just have to be able to dedicate the proper time to care for them via water changes and frequent feedings to keep them healthy and happy.

You mentioned doing a Biotope, but for the first time around I usually recommend doing a simple easy to clean tank with just Discus fish. You will see that lots of people do a bare bottom tank or a thin bed of sand to make it very easy to clean and vacuum up left over food and fish waste. Depending on the size of Discus you purchase you should be prepared for weekly water changes minimum. General rule is that the smaller the discus the more frequent the water changes. A 48" Tank is strongly recommended. 55-90 Gallon is a good size to start with for a traditional starter group of 5-8 discus.

Larry Bugg
04-25-2016, 02:57 PM
Jakub gave you a good start. I agree that discus are not as hard to keep as people seem to think. The main requirement is good CLEAN water and as Jakub said this means a commitment to the time to change water. For discus under 4" my recommendation is daily water changes of at least 50% if you want them to grow to their full potential and a bare bottom tank is the best was at this size. Over 4" and you can cut back on the changes but I would still do every several days. Discus come from an area of the Amazon that consist primarily of a sandy bottom and branches and roots. Very few plants. If you are growing them out then go bare bottom, with adults, once you have their care down pat then go with a set up that appeals to you. Again as Jakub said, join Simplydiscus.com and read the stickies in the beginner section. Watch this video also, Al does a good job giving an introduction http://forum.simplydiscus.com/showthread.php?122038-Are-you-new-to-discus-WATCH-THIS-VIDEO!