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05-21-2016, 11:56 AM
I'm 35. Work as a Dental Technician. I just moved and still we haven't finished unpacking. I have room for more tanks hear! I have a 10g and a 15g in my room. A 40g in the living room. And a 10g I take care of at work.

I just bought a baby L type that have orange/red tinted fins and black spots. Thinking of a 60g in his future. Maybe more.

I have about 8 year experience with freshwater and 3 year with planted tanks. I love fancy Bettas and fancy pleco-types. I'm currently loving Anubias plants as an alt' to substrate plants. Also I'm interested in live food for my freshwater tank too; as in breeding food year round...small worms of some kind, I don't know. Please give me your information- PM.

I just joined the club and can't wait to start being part of it.


05-21-2016, 12:10 PM
Welcome to our club!

I'm a Betta nut as well, not so much plecos though.

Where did you move from?

Our next meeting is coming up on June 4th, hope you can make it!

05-21-2016, 12:31 PM
Only about 3 miles away. I'm going to see if I can come on the 4th, thanks. I have a fish that looked like your avatar. Apisto, right? Don't recall.

05-21-2016, 02:45 PM
Lol not far at all then.

That's a triple red Apistogramma Cacatuides, one of my favorite fish. Looking to get him a mate at the moment, with plans to breed

05-29-2016, 09:56 AM
Yeah, lots of personality. I'd get a few females for one male but I don't know if you have the room (the Apistos).

Looks like I might give the baby L type to a friend. I'd definitely replace him soon. I'll keep you guys posted. (I changed my mind. I'm keeping the L)4833