View Full Version : Driftwood from Blooms and Branches - IS IT READY

06-27-2016, 02:19 PM
Hey ya'll again. I found Blooms and branches from a post..dont remember where...but does anybody know..
is the mazanita wood purchased here ready to put in tanks?
or do I have to soak it first?

does it need to be cured?? for a long time??

I'm almost ready to start my aquascaping and was not going to waste my money right now buying mazanita that has to 'sit for months' in water or wherever,

thanks to all....i'm finding a lot of nice folks here...and more that willing to help.


06-27-2016, 02:35 PM
A lot of the wood on that website looks bleached/stained/dyed. So i would be very careful. Might be worth asking the website directly if they have any natural "un-touched" wood. Definitely don't buy any of the white/bleach pieces. Maybe some one will chime in that has purchased for the website before. Website looks more geared towards birds and home decorations.

I get all of my Manzanita wood from Tom Barr. By far the best supplier. His pieces are much nicer then anyone elses and he almost always sends you free extra pieces.

Or I have used the website below once and they worked well.