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07-22-2016, 12:28 PM
I am moving this thread into its own thread out of the event thread - http://www.atlantaaquarium.com/showthread.php/11975-July-2016-Meeting-07-23-2016-01-30-PM-05-00-PM since I have done a little research and am still not getting everything I need.

Color temperature ie K is a measurement for your eye and not for the what the plants require for photosynthesis. You really want to see the PAR chart preferably at various depths (ie 6 inch depth intervals) and color spectrum chart for a light. I tried to find this information for this kit light but came up empty which is unfortunate and not surprising for a small aio tank like this.

Do the PAR/PUR charts exist for many of the bulbs/fixtures out there? Or do you need to gather the data for yourself?

Also, based on your experience, do tubes from different manufactures with the same K value have significantly different values? I am assuming that the different manufactures bulbs will react differently to each other when you compare bulb types (ie T5HO to another T5HO and not to a T8, T12 or standard T5). How do various LED bulbs of similar wattage/power compare to one another for PAR/PUR? Is there data out there for me to search on to answer these types of questions?

Haven't searched for this yet, but can you get a PAR/PUR gauge, and would it be the same measurement gauge and the term only differs based on depth?

I know my questions are rambling, so feel free to let any answers ramble as well. I figure that if you just answer my questions, that they will just spawn new questions. I also figure many of the responses to this will most likely be based off of ones own experience, and may not be fact, so conflicting ideas would be appreciated - not trying to start arguments, but help some of the creative juices to flow.

07-22-2016, 12:35 PM
These may help or at least get you started .




07-22-2016, 12:51 PM
I will have to get more detailed with answers later today as I'm a bit busy at the store. Those links are great. There is a lot of nice charts out there for Fluorescent bulb units... because for the most part the bulbs are similar enough for such a chart to work.

There aren't really any good charts for LED... as it is hard to compare LED fixtures to each other. A lot of these companies have differing ideas on how best to deliver LED light. You can't just go based off of wattage and brand of LED node used. So many other variables to consider compared to the fluorescent bulb... LED color combination, Light/color spread, LED node layout, are they using reflectors?, etc . I think the only way to truly compare them other then visually is to get the PAR meter you mentioned...

There are PAR light meters that you can get. Most of the decent ones are fairly expensive... so you don't really see people buying them for use on freshwater planted tanks... more so on the reef side of the hobby where these people have $10,000+ worth of coral in these tanks to justify owning a PAR light meter.