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12-19-2016, 03:35 PM
I know there are lots of regulations around this and my preliminary research shows you just have to get a fishing licence to go get fish. Anyone have any information on local species I can go catch and raise. Nothing too big.

I have ordered a book about Georgia species of fish. Just wondering what kind of experience other members may have had.

12-19-2016, 07:48 PM
the only issue is fishing in designated trout waters i think. be sure its in season. otherwise keeping game fishes is an issue, but nongame stuff is ok...but there arent aquarium police looking around to see what you have...the main issue is that you DO NOT release them once you take them home. certainly not EVER in a different body of water.

12-19-2016, 08:09 PM
Check out nanfa.com they've got all the info you need. Michael Wolfe is the local guy here, and goes on collecting trips every so often. It's pretty neat!

As to regulations, I'm pretty sure it's legal to collect them for aquariums.

12-19-2016, 11:35 PM
I'm sure there is a old thread about this somewhere. As I recall, endangered species are off limits and game fish are subject to fishing regs, so you can't take some fish below a certain size and some must be caught on a line. The one pic that had us all drooling was the rainbow shiner and they don't sound difficult. Sunfish are lovely and smart, but reportedly even more vicious than most cichlids.

12-20-2016, 04:56 AM
Michael Wolfe is definitely the go-to guy, and has done a program at our monthly club meeting in the past. Everyone loved it. He is also a forum member, so you may contact him via PM. He does educational programs at various locations throughout the year. Get on his email list, as he typically will seek volunteers for these events who can help with catching fish for identification and display. Here are some helpful links:




michael wolfe
12-21-2016, 12:02 AM
Hey all... thanks for the references...

Yes, if we avoid threatens and endangered and avoid game fish, then we have a lot of fish left over that we can collect with a fishing licence... and many that adapt very quickly to tank life. Yellowfin shiners are a particularly adaptable species that is our common ditch fish in NE Georgia. Ocmulgee shiners are also very dramatic and very easy to keep in tanks. And yes, in extreme NW Georgia we have rainbow shiners that live up to their name. And that is just some of my favorite minnows!

And yes, we do go out and collect fish and do educational presentations. You are more than welcome to join us anytime.