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05-09-2017, 01:18 PM
Hey everyone -

I actually live in Maryland, and am relocating to the Atlanta area the first week of July. Currently have an juvie oscar (6") and a featherfin squeaker in a 75g that'll be making the trip with us and when we arrive, I am upgrading to a larger tank. A little flexible on size but primarily looking at the 120-135 range. We're packing the 75 so it's not a total rush to buy a tank first day of the move, but I'd like to have a new tank up and rolling ASAP. I've got a 135 spec'd out on glasscages but I'd really rather purchase locally if possible. The thought of coordinating the timing of transport, pick up and then needing to stain a stand doesn't sound like much fun the first week of a move...

Will be down in the area the first week of June for a few days and wondering if there are any specific fish stores that sell aquariums that I should go check out? Not looking to get gouged price-wise. The spec for the 135 online with glass top, tank, stand and shipping is right about $1200.

I know there are lots of directional options and from my google search, a number of fish supply stores - happy to drive a little further out if it's a good store that has a decent stock of tanks for sale.

Specifically looking for glass, no acrylic and would prefer to buy a stand with the tank. I'm up in the air on a canopy.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

05-13-2017, 12:53 PM
Welcome to Atlanta and its traffic. Most of our fish stores are unfortunately chains. Two LFS you might try are Premire Aquatics and Southern Aquatics. I am sure they will get you prices on what ever you need. Many of our club members are cheapskates ( I think it may be gene linked to fish keeping) so we keep an eye on Craig's list. You can often find large tanks
Listed by people who are moving. Good luck with the move and when you get settled come to a meting and say "Hi".