View Full Version : Funny thing happened...

06-04-2017, 07:29 PM
Now that I am growing out my golden gouramis in my 55 gal, several weeks ago I paired up some tiger barbs in my 10 gal breeder. I took them out of my other 55 gal community tank. They spawned quickly and I removed them but not after they ate some of the eggs.

The eggs hatched and I've had about 20-30 fry swimming around and starting to grow. However, there was one that I swear got the super genes. It was growing a lot faster than the others....a lot!

I've never bred the tigers before and wasn't sure when they'd get their color. The big fry was getting color but sure didn't look like a tiger barb. This weekend I went away and when I got home, the other fry had developed color and they definitely are tigers.

It it turns out that the super fry is a zebra danio. I must have scooped up a fertilized egg from my community tank when catching the tigers. So right now I've got about 100 golden gouramis approaching 1/2", 20-30 tiger barb fry, and one juvenile zebra danio. It's shocking the growth rate on that danio.