View Full Version : Apisto Fry Rearing Habits?

12-22-2017, 08:38 PM
Hey -- how old do fry usually get before the parents abandon them? Mom has started moving around freely, and I am bit worried about the Apisto fry because they are in a community tank with larger fish. Thinking this batch might have gotten eaten?? (Sorry, breeder fans, I am kind of a "life finds a way"person). I plan on moving this paired group of apistos to a fancy smancy 5 gallon tank. Do you think they will be okay with a breeding pair of fancy guppies? (I suspect yes, but frankly since this is a weirdo species of Apisto I actually kinda care, so I will totally keep mom and dad Apisto in a solitary love nest if that is what they need to raise fry to BAP size. I do not have a fish room, so far all of these are display or community tanks. I can and will separate this pair if that's what is needed to propagate them.

Yeah or Nay on fancy guppies in a 5 gallon with this breeding Apisto paulmuelleri pair?

Thx gaiz

12-23-2017, 10:26 AM
I would keep the pair alone without the guppys in a tank that small If the tank was bigger it might be ok but the guppys will eat the slow moving apisto fry given the opportunity