View Full Version : WTB: Plants at Next Meeting (June 6)

05-28-2010, 12:44 PM
Good Afternoon -

This is a message to you plant growers out there (Stephen, Ken...). I'm very interested in purchasing some plants at the next club meeting if y'all have cuttings/plants to sell. Particularly, I am thinking I'd like to go in a low-light direction with my purchase.

My 37 gallon (tall) tank just does not seem to be a good place to have a lot of different types of plants in there. I'm thinking that I have insufficient light (going only with the light that came with the tank when I purchased it).

I'm thinking I need to put a bunch of low-light plants in there.

At any rate...low, medium, or high, I am looking to buy some plants this coming meeting. The more unusual, the better, but I'll certainly take what I can get.

Thanks so much, see you in a few weeks!


05-28-2010, 09:16 PM
What wattage bulb does your tank light have? It is usually printed on the end of the tube. A lot of lights that come with tanks are too dim to grow anything. It would be fairly easy to upgrade your lighting with a second single tube florescent light fixture supplementing the first one which would likely give you a low to med light tank.
Making sure you have enough light, really is the first step, let us know what you have and we can make suggestions as to what plants will work for you.