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02-23-2011, 05:49 PM
Anyone here had luck with one of these? I picked up a beautiful one at Atlantis last week and it looks incredible in my tank. I've researched the net for advice and found lots of contrasting info. Some say it's hard to grow, some say it's easy. But the thing that's most interesting is the often noted need to take it out of the water, wrap it in moist towels and let it rest for a couple months every year or so. Sounds strange to me.
Also, should I completely bury the bulb or leave it partially out of the substrate?

37 gallon established planted tank
CO2 supplied by a small yeast canister that creates about one bubble every three seconds and delivers via a bubble ladder
I also supplement with flourish weekly and flourish excel daily

Generally speaking, I have great success with Java, anubis and onion plants. Is this lace gonna do well as well?


07-16-2011, 12:28 PM
I'm certainly no expert, but I had this plant a few years ago. Beautiful plant, and I thought it was very easy-going. Perhaps the "hard-to-grow" folks didn't quite understand that this big fella likes to very occasionally shed some leaves and look like it is dying back a bit. After a bit, it comes back wih a vengeance, bigger and even more beautiful. I finally had to trade it back to my LFS cause it was taking over the 37-gal. Reminded me of my little Demasoni cichlid that bullied everything after a while. Which leads me to the note about taking this out of water to rest. Even more impressive than the plant was the root system. I had to tear up almost everything to get the roots of this plant out! I couldn't imagine doing this and putting it back into an established tank without cutting 70% of the roots.

Overall, one of my fav plants...give it lots of light and love. Enjoy!

07-19-2011, 10:35 AM
I agree with what brimcg wrote. I bought a ML plant at the first semi-annual auction last year and it's been in the tank ever since, I've never taken it out of the tank. It does die back, but it comes back just fine.

Take it out of the tank if you want, but my experience has been that it is just fine to keep it in the tank, too.