View Full Version : Amazon Lover my Geophagus spawned

03-18-2012, 10:10 PM
I was adding plants today and my fake log I have in there is loaded with eggs, are they old enough ? If so what do I need to do pull the babies or ?

03-20-2012, 07:34 PM
Only a few eggs turned white rest seem to be good

03-21-2012, 08:56 AM
I now have wigglers also. Maybe some will make it since they are in in the main tank :)

Amazon Lover
04-05-2012, 04:09 PM
Congrats on the spawn!! Sorry I come so late behind your post. I don't check the forum too often and sometimes even then it is hard to keep up with so many posts. Our club is about the most active in the country!! Please update us on the development of this.

08-29-2012, 03:31 PM
What type of Geophagus are they?