View Full Version : Sassy Lady Jaguar Cichlid - Show and Tell

06-13-2012, 10:40 AM
Hi folks, just dropping in to show the female Parachromis managuensis I picked up from Premier Aquatics back in March. She is a wonderful companion for the juvenile peacock bass I've got in the 75 gallon grow-out tank. Fast and aggressive enough to not get left behind when it's feeding time, and always ready to tell those black-finned punks to get off her lawn in front of her flower pot!

She's currently 5.5-6" long. As my first Central American cichlid, I wasn't sure what sex she was at the time, so she got a male name. If any of you are familiar with the automotive variety show Top Gear, you may remember that Jeremy Clarkson has a fondness for drawing out the 'a' whenever talking about Jaguars -- aka JAAAAAGs. So the jaaaaaguar cichlid got named after him, and as luck would have it, turned out to be a "GIRL'S FISH" -- err, car -- another one of his favorite sayings.


Before I made other posts about my current stock, I also wanted to ask about the forum culture around here -- do many people post about store-bought critters on here? Would that be considered tacky?

06-13-2012, 12:16 PM
Put sales in the "For sale" section. Don't hijack threads, start a new one. Feel free to post honest opinions and specific experiences, but don't make sweeping "always" statements. We don't want to attract any legal trouble.

"IMO, stores shouldn't stock dozens of baby peacock bass and other future large fish. They should only do the occasional special order for someone with a big tank. But because IR sharks and other food and game fish are available very cheaply because they are produced in bulk to stock ponds, store need spend very little for them and can make a profit. I'm not against profit. But there are few homes for fish that need 300 gallon tanks, so the responsible thing to do is restrict the supply lest fish get released into the wild or laws get passed that restrict our hobby."

That sort of thing is okay, but expect to start a discussion that will wander off track.

We won't disparage pet store fish other than to caution against hybrids, tattooed fish and disease (all new fish should be QTed). I no longer even rant against "blood parrots", just shake my head and say something like "if you like that, you should see these cichlids" and post a link.

I like to get fish from breeders, but w/o stores, what would I do with those convicts?