View Full Version : My Tang experiement worked!

09-05-2012, 12:34 PM
Many of you know I have a 65g Tang tank, it has been running a while now with no issues. Well the Daffodils have been breeding pretty regularly and I have just been letting nature kinda decide (or my slice of nature anyway) who goes on to live. Now the Daffodils have gotten themselves into a bullying match with ALL inhabs of the Tang community, whoch includes Multi's, a Leleupi, a cylindricus, a J. Transcriptus, a N. Caudopuntatus and now two Albino Daffodils. Everyone it seemed was ostracized. So after failing to sucessfully add a Culvus (not sure why he died, he wasn't beat up), I have put someone in there who probably wont stay the duration ( I will find a good home when he out grows). A FRONT!! He is doing great! He is healthy and settling in nicely. About 4" long he has a bigger role than just eye candy, he is pretty much taken all the focus from the Daffodils and it has opened the tank back up to a friendly community again. I am sure the Daffodils will be a little more stressed, but not enough to get out of hand. He really is a friendly fish and Kudos to Yale (spelling?) at Dunwoody PL for helping me with this one. Will post pics when I can.

09-05-2012, 10:38 PM
Good to hear from you Joe ! I thought you may have quit the hobby since I've not heard or seen any pictures from you in a while . Anyway .... Get these pics up ASAP !