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09-06-2012, 02:04 PM
We always had cichlids growing up but I haven't had my own tank since 2003 so I'm a bit rusty. I recently set up and I have 1 jack dempsey and 1 jaguar managuense, both are about 3" long. I was feeding them a mix of Wardley floating cichlid pellets, tetra color tropical flakes and tetra freeze dried bloodworm larvae. I just went and bought new life spectrum cichlid formula. I think I may of been over feeding them as there has been a lot of waste in the tank. I have since cut back but with the sinking pellets, I'm not sure I can monitor how quickly they are eating it becasue of the dark gravel. I plan on switching to sand when I upgrade to a larger tank.

So, I was wondering how much I should give each of the new life spectrum. Also should I only feed new spectrum or should I still throw in some of the others on occasion?

I have seen in various posts on this forum and others where a member posts a photo of their fish and someone mentions that they are skinny and I don't believe that mine are but I don't want them to end up that way.

09-06-2012, 03:34 PM
Congrats on the conversion to pellet and flake food! I would suggest skipping the bloodworms, save them as an occasional treat. They are great for getting finicky eaters started, but they are the equivalent of fish fast food. When you say waste, are you referring to what the fish has digested (which I would expect a lot of from large species like JDs and jags), or uneaten food? Opinions may differ about frequency of feeding (some suggest twice daily for juveniles), but the important thing is to watch them! If they start losing interest after a few minutes (some people say 3, others say 5), then it's definitely time to stop. Also, JDs and jags do best on very protein-rich diets, which means you are going to have to keep up on filtration and water changes.PS: I kinda feel sorry for that JD in a few months!