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01-19-2013, 03:02 PM
I don't know what it is about the 135 gallon tanks, but for me it is the perfect size. I get the 6' view, not to deep to get in there and rearrange / plant and chase fish if needed and the depth works well by not sticking out too far from the wall.

Anyway it's the weekend so I got up early, did some more research on the Black Diamond blasting material and headed on down to Tractor Supply. Picked up three 50LB bags, shelled out $24.00 and back home in a flash. I thought about cleaning it and then decided not to. It was either waste hundreds of gallons of water or use my roll of poly fill and cut into strips that go in the 300 Bio-Wheels and just change them out as needed. So we dumped in the Black Diamond (20/40) on top of the black fluorite and placed two of the Mopani driftwood pieces I picked up from Karl last week.

Ready for some water>


My favorite fish friend:luv:>


Through the years you learn tricks of the trade and I use this approach while filling the tank which makes the water come out even>.


This is some kind of silica that bonds together and before the pumps were turned on I was able to get 99% of this out>


About half way through the filling>


Got it full, filters running, lights going and now it's just waiting for it to clear and changing the poly filter several times a day. Getting closer to those Koi Angels!>


I will let this filter for a week or so and probably add some plants in the meantime.

So until next time See Ya!

01-19-2013, 03:39 PM
That's going to look awesome! Ever thought about a Discus tank? I LOVE Discus.

01-21-2013, 03:16 AM
cannot wait to see this one when the water clears. Keep us posted for sure looks like its going to be a sweet setup.

02-19-2013, 09:38 PM
cannot wait to see this one when the water clears. Keep us posted for sure looks like its going to be a sweet setup.

Well it took longer than we expected, but we wanted to get it right the first time. It's been a month and the water is cycled. Had some problems with the Mopani wood (white fungus stuff) cleaned it several times and its still producing the stuff, but looks like it is finally breaking down. After several days of research and finding there is no problem with this we decided to pull the plug and get some fish going. The plants were purchased on our first meeting a few weeks back and with a quick trip over to Pierre's last weekend and bagging up 11 Angelfish things are looking much better today.

We have tried more combinations of light and we still don't like it. Bottom line is the black substrate. Right now to get these pictures we have 750 watts of halogen's going. We have tried T-5's, T-8's T-12's and pretty much every thing under the sun other than putting the tank outside and putting it in the sunlight:wall:.

Right now in the Winter there is no concern (other than the power bill coming in) because the heaters will work less with these halogens going. Hard to believe on the other 135G we have a simple shop light hanging from the ceiling with two 40 watt lamps going and the plants thrive with no CO2 and no algae problems whatsoever.

So with that being said the next tank will be back to a simple river gravel set-up and we will eventually get this one back this way as well.


Pierre all 11 looking good. Two have already paired off and are doing something back behind a dugout in one of the Mopani wood pieces in the tank:popcorn:


And finally we found another 135 (no less) and have a spot waiting for it. I was going to put the 200G in this spot, but failed to do some measurements before we brought it home. The angle between two doorways would not allow it so Molly happily took it off of our hands two weekends back and from the pictures she has been sending me things look like there coming along real well!