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Mog Carns
06-05-2013, 10:34 AM
A few months ago, I was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to buy a 75g aquarium.

I am now heading into the "pencil" stage of planning.

For my theming, I am thinking about a "flooded garden". Brick edging to create a terrace... maybe on the of the path paving stones... a cluster of broken and intact small flowerpots in a corner for caves/hiding places.

I plan on using black sand for the dirt... probably a nice collection of Amazon Swords and Wisteria... maybe a little java fern on the pots. This is all stuff I know and am familiar with.

However, I am having strange stirrings about keeping Scalares... and I have never kept them before. For that matter, I know nothing about ANY cichlids. Prior to these strange feelings, to me cichlids were just ugly, colorless fish that shred your plants, grow to a foot long, and take up a giant tank all by themselves because they fight and kill everything else in the water.

Obviously, I blame you for the unnatural ideas circling my head. At the spring auction, the tetras and rasboras fit on a card table... the cichid tables stretched like a football field. Clearly, I was missing something. Perhaps the god awful grey blob in the barren tank wasn't the fault of the fish, but the keeper?

Thus, if I do decide to keep some angelfish, how many should I put in a 75 gallon tank? Will they tolerate the plants and the theming, or turn it all into salad and a single pile of sand? Is there a way to keep cichlids in a tank that is not either bare glass bottom, or some fish sized stones and a piece of driftwood for decoration?

My understanding is that Angels will live in dechlorinated Atlanta water without a lot of chemistry experiments... unlike a lot of others that require constant monitoring of pH that is opposite our own. Is this true?

I am also thinking 6-12 coryies of some variation, another fish I have never kept. And, of course, a half dozen Otocinclus and a few million members of the Malaysian Trumpet Snail Army... because they cannot be stopped. Will they survive?

Finally, are there any other tankmates they would tolerate? Seems like a waste of a very large tank for 2 fish and some ground huggers.

I seriously want to try something other than Neons, Harlequins, Bettas, and Platies... but I don't want to take on something akin to caring for the elderly while going bankrupt just to be different from what I have done before.

06-05-2013, 12:06 PM
I have several Angels, initially because my son loved them so much and got many spawns. In one 120g, they eat the Wisteria, but nothing else (swords are doing fine), in the 55g, they don't touch any of the plants. Maybe in the 120g I don't feed them as much as I have about 40 dollar+ size angels and therefore they sometimes forage the wisteria. In my tanks they tolerate almost anything (cardinal tetras, black skirts, danios kyathit, danios roseus, diamond tetras, Puntius denisonii etc.) PM me if you have questions or want some of the angels I have. You can check this post as well http://www.atlantaaquarium.com/showthread.php?7059-P-Blue-Angels-and-Golden-Koi-Angels-and-Danio-kyathit&highlight=kyathit

Sounds like a fun project!

06-05-2013, 12:27 PM
A few months ago, I was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to buy a 75g.

I hate when that happens ! It's happened 4 times to me now lol

06-05-2013, 12:48 PM
Regarding angels, as Pierre offered, do make sure your tank is cycled and settled, angels are a bit sensitive to new tank water chemistry. Good luck, looks like a fun project!


06-05-2013, 02:34 PM
75 Gal. tank... I would say 8 angels, 12 corys and a school of 12 or so tetras/ barbs (any type will do as long as they are too big for the angels to eat). It would be a great tank to watch and you will almost certainly end up with at least one breeding pair of angels. Good luck.