View Full Version : 10 Gallon Low Tech Shrimp Tank

10-20-2013, 10:39 PM
Not been on the forum for a while due to work and im still annoyed i missed the recent auction, i know i missed a great day :-(

Decided to start a new low tech tank that i wont need to fuss about constantly like i do with some of my high tech tanks.

Aquarium: 10 Gallon Standard
Lighting: Finnex Fugeray LED
Substrate: ADA Amazonia substrate
Flora: Fissiden Fontanus, Anubias Nana & Petite
Decor: Sticks found in the back yard soaked & cleaned and screwed together.
Fauna: Maybe Peacock Gudgeon but the idea is to have Crystal Red Shrimp or Neocaridina Pumpkin Shrimp

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb219/stevenjohn21/IMG_1909_zpsdac9c0b1.jpg (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/stevenjohn21/media/IMG_1909_zpsdac9c0b1.jpg.html)