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02-08-2014, 06:56 PM
My L340 pleco had a female trapped for 3 days. This morning I found eggs in the cave but the male in the "community" open cave chasing a female around. I was running late for work and just hoped he would get back to his duties and protect the eggs in the cave. When I came home tonight a clump of eggs was in the cave, the male fanning but a large puddle of egg goo in front of the cave. My question now is could what I suspect happened be true?

His first mate laid the eggs in the cave. He was still in the mood and cornered another female in the community cave (it looked like that this morning but at the time I thought it was the same female from the cave, I have 3 females and 2 males.) She followed him to the cave but laid the eggs out side it because he might not have let her in and the shrimp and gammarus shrimp in the tank got to the eggs outside the cave before I came home. Or could it have been that he kicked out some of the eggs from the cave and those were the mess outside the cave. But his clutch still looks pretty large. I found one intact egg outside the cave and moved it into an incubator. The cave with the male was moved to another tank where he can protect them in peace without further distraction. So far he is doing what he needs to do. Keeping my fingers crossed.

02-08-2014, 07:38 PM
i would expect that its eggs that got knocked out, not a second spawning. im no expert on pleco spawning, like some of the guys here, but as a guy with a fisheries degree, its not that typical for plecos to have multiple spawns in the same cave i would think, as the second female would likely eat the first batch of eggs. Its in her best interest that hes guarding her eggs, not the others......thats why a lot of male animals will kill the babies of another male, so they can get the female to spawn/mate with them. Lions do that.

Plus its less likely that two females would be ready at the same time.

Please refute what i have said if you know better. its just general biology that im taking some clues from.