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03-28-2014, 04:42 PM
Hey fish folks! I've got a plant question. I've had my planted tank going for about 2 full months plus a little. I did a dirted tank. It's planted with pennywort, vals, sagg, and ludwigia repens. At first the bigger leaves of the pennywort got yellow spots that were only visible from underneath. It slowly went through the leaf and turned brown and then just a whole. i figured it was "melting" back because it was putting up lots of new little leaves. The bigger leaves have yet to die all the way but the same thing is happening to newer leaves. THere are little dark rust colored spots all over the leaves. It has also began spreading. Now my ludwigia and vals and even the sagg are starting to show the same spots. I haven't dosed with fertilizers before so maybe that could be it. they are all still growing and some of the val has especially taken off. Just wondering what might be the cause and what can i do to stop it or clear it up. I added some pics too. There as clear as I could get.

Prasanna Kumara PK
06-01-2014, 12:00 PM
looks like a nutrient deficiency. look at the chart http://www.algone.com/aquarium-plant-health-guide .
For micro-nutrients seachem flourish products does wonders. Which dirt did you use ? usually the organic one has enough nutrients for several months and then it depletes fast. Also this depends on how frequent you change your water. I have seen some keeping their water for long to keep the nutrients ( that can be only possible if you have few fish and if you are monitoring parameter closely) . Hopefully you are over the period of algal blooms by dirt.

just curious , whats your light source ?

06-01-2014, 01:30 PM
Hey thanks for the reply! My light source is a 3 bulb top that came with the tank. Its a hex tank so lighting options are a little more limited but also the tank is very deep. It has a shiny coating on the inside and the guy who had it before used it as a saltwater tank and said the light was a nice one. I have 3 18inch flourescent bulbs in it now. Two of them are the plant bulbs from home depot and the other one is some kind of blue light. I think actinic bulb. It came with the tank and has actually been flashing a lot lately so i think its almost gone. It actually was some kind of algae. I got a few otos and they cleaned it right up. They went straight to the leaves and within a week all the leaves looked fine.