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Stephen Cooper
06-04-2014, 01:35 PM
My name is Stephen Cooper, most just call me "Cooper" or "Coop" and I just wanted to take a moment of your time and mine to say hello. I am a new resident of Covington Georgia, but was originally born and raised near Auburn Alabama. I have been an aquarium lover for about 7 years. I have had salt, fresh, and brackish water tanks. My largest tank has been around 75 gallons.

I found the website/club information on Facebook and having never been a member of any type of club other than AAA (Auto Service) I figured that I would look into the club and give it a try. I like forums so I will probably chime in quite a bit, I can be a sporadic poster some times but don't worry I keep it mature and family friendly. I see that your association does monthly meets and you have one planned for this upcoming Saturday on the 7th and I'd like to come and see, but I will not get off of work until 3pm and it would be nearly 4pm by the time I got there. The meetings starts at 1:30 PM so I'm sure I will miss the meetings and most of the members if not all for my first meet and greet.

I am what most would call a Jack of All, Master of None type of person. I know a little bit about a lot of things but I dont know a lot about anything. I was born with the uncanny gift of gab and the mechanical skills of a master craftsman. I can fix or repair just about anything, from engines to computers to appliances. I am a 2x certified gunsmith and owner of Georgia Gunworks. I manage a pawn shop during the day and do my gunsmithing at night time in my small shop based out of my home.

Currently I have a 55 gallon fresh water tank and a 45 gallon fresh water tank. I plan to eventually convert the 45 gallon octagon into a salt water tank and use it as a clown fish habitat tank with some anemones. That tank is currently empty and I have to repair the silicon seal. It began to leak about a month ago and I have never repaired the silicon seal in the tanks before. I rushed out and purchased aquarium silicon to repair it with, cleaned and prepped the area and replaced the water but It did not hold but for about 3 days. I have yet to figure out what I did wrong. It was properly prepped and more than adequate cure time was allowed. During the process I lost several fish, It had leaked when I was at work and lost about 70% water and this caused my filter to overheat. On top of that I had the nice water soaked floor and carpet to deal with..twice.

I had searched for an immediate replacement tank and found the 55 gallon with stand on craigslist in Lawrenceville Ga. for $150.00 with two HOB emperor 400's and gravel, etc. I snatched it up quickly and was forced to clean, prep, build etc. with haste and had to add my Jack Dempsey Cichlids to the tank before it was fully cycled. It's not the correct process, I know, but I was forced into the situation with limited routes to pursue. I did use the old water to fill some of the tank and fill the rest. I also used my filter media from the leaking tank to help keep the water as stable as it was before. Today when I get home from work I will be doing the first water change in the new tank.

My 55 gallon tank now holds 1 Firemouth Cichlid (Had 3), 1 Red Parrot Cichlid (Had 2), 2 Albino Tiger Oscars, and 2 Male Jack Dempsies. I had a breeding set of sword tails and lost them. I plan to eventually keep just the Jack Dempsies in the tank. It was my original plan to begin with. Unfortunately Neither of them are female and I'm in dire need of a female. The others I will eventually get other tanks for or hand them off to someone else. I am not a fan of the Oscars at all.

Well, That's my excitement for the past few weeks.

06-04-2014, 02:13 PM
Welcome to the forum, Georgia, and hopefully the club soon Coop! Too bad about this Saturday, but I look forward to meeting you when ever you can attend a meeting. And condolences on the fish and floor. Been there, not fun.

Stephen Cooper
06-04-2014, 02:21 PM
Thank you HN1 for the warm welcome. I look forward to meeting with as many aquarium lovers as possible. Im just testing the water to see how active and how the association is ran before I become a full member however, from what I see so far it looks great.

Yes, the floor part is not fun at all. It's not my first water rodeo, thankfully. It's one of the downsides of having and owning an aquarium, I have even had filters dump the water on the floor before, so I'm used to it. Luckily not much harm was done and it was properly cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. It's not fun, but I honestly think it's something that all aquarium lover do go through.

06-18-2014, 10:38 AM
Welcome to the Atlanta Aquarium Association.