View Full Version : 220 Wild and new 110 Wild Discus tanks

Larry Bugg
08-24-2014, 02:09 PM
I've been wanting to split out some of the wild reds from the 220. Ideally I would like to keep the number down to about 1 per 20 gallons or more. Problem was what to do with the ones that come out of the tank. Solution........a new wild tank, lol. I decided to replace a 60 that was sitting next to the 220 with a new tank. The footprint of the new tank needed to be the same as the 60 which was 48 x 18. I poste here to see if anyone had a 90 available and ended up even better than that with a 110 - 48 x 18 x 27. I picked it up Friday night and spent yesterday setting it up. I really love the size of this tank.

The 220 now has 2 Cuipeua super red from Snookin and the rest are from Mark (Discus Origins) - 2 Lago Soloman, 1 Trombeta, 1 semi royal Cuipeua and 1 Intervina semi royal. I also have two Cuipeua select that are about 4.5" in another tank still growing out that will move here when they get a little bigger.

In the new 110 all the fish are from Snookin. 3 Blues, 1 Royal and 3 Cuipeua super reds. I'll eventually end up pulling one of these from the tank to get it down to 6 total.

The 220


The new 110