View Full Version : Cladophora

Mog Carns
09-02-2014, 08:39 AM
Moss like balls of hairy algae have pretty much taken over half my Livebearer's 55. From the internet, I would assume that life is over. However, I like the way it looks, the water sprite it is clinging to seems unharmed, and the fish like it.

The guppies could care less, except as a place to hide. Corys love to sit in it and swim around it. The mollies think it is the tastiest stuff on the planet. I ripped off a big ball of it and put it in the 10 that I use for Krib spawning. Baby Kribs seem to find it tasty too... they pick at it and use it to hide.

However, the mollies are tearing off long threads and swimming around the tank with it trailing from their mouths. So far, no one has choked, but is this a concern?