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10-07-2014, 07:40 PM
Hello all, my name is Austin and I got into the aquarium hobby about 6 months ago.
When I started I didn't even dip my toes in water, I went full out with a 10 gallon and 2 days after I set it up I added 5 tetras, 3 cory cats, and a betta. The only fish to survive was the betta Blueberry.
After a lot more research and time, I now have some more tanks and much more knowledge:

10 Gallon

3 Gold Crescent Platies
??? Pond Snails
~40 MTS
~30 shrimp

My uncle gave me some shrimp for me to restart my 10 gallon with, so after it cycled I added 10, but soon I realized I somehow got some pond snails along with them! Within 2 weeks I had more than 100 tiny baby pond snails. This past Monday I added the assassin snails and the other shrimp, and this past Wednesday I added the Platies.

5 Gallon


I'm keeping this guy by himself. He's a murderer, but I still love him.
I have tried to add some of my pond snails to his tank but they all die within 1 day. His water is fine, so I am wondering the snails are too young and the Betta is killing them?

1 Gallon

??? Pond Snails
Water Sprite
Java Moss
1 Unidentified Plant species

All of these plants also came from my uncle. All of the snails are healthy and these assassin snails are developing color much better than the ones in my 10g. This bowl sits near a window that gets sun several hours of the day, but the plants are all doing very well.

I just bought a 20 Long and 55 Long today. I plan on doing both of these tanks as a Walstad style, low-tech planted tank.
If my shrimp ever start breeding I will be willing to sell/trade them, but I do not know their species and there are multiple species in the tank. I expect some crossbreeding, if they even start breeding.

Thank you for reading, I am excited to join this community!

10-07-2014, 08:17 PM
Hi welcome to the forum. With bettas, if they get along with others in the tank will depend on its temperament. Sometimes the betta will leave other critters alone, and other times could go after anything that moves. Always good to avoid putting a betta in a tank with another fish with the same type of body shape, and long fins. With the pond snails, if you see a huge explosion in their population, that usually a good sign of overfeeding, just cut back on the amount of flake being put into the tank. Can always post up pictures, and we can try to identify the plant/shrimp.

Mog Carns
10-08-2014, 08:47 AM
Welcome to the forums!

I believe betta splendens eat snails.

In my experience:
Betta and other fish are usually a problem because the splendens gets fin nipped. Even Neons bully bettas. Bettas are too slow to catch or hurt anything in a tank that has any size at all. If the tank is small enough, I suppose they could corner something.
Of course, two male splendens doesn't work well unless you have a big tank that is more cover than viewing space.

Every time I try shrimp they don't make it, so no help there.