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  1. wacky's Avatar
    Let me know how it does .... I have a 55 gal that may need caulking ...... Thanks!!!
  2. UGA_Grad_Student's Avatar
    Yea I have one for my 55 gallon got a wicked good deal. Stand, tank, coralife T5 fixture and 3 bulbs, 200w heater, 2 glass tops, and a fluval in very good condition for that much. Being in grad school I'll take the savings gladly.
  3. Dasher's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by UGA_Grad_Student
    Just curious how much did you end up spending on the Fluval FX5??

    I got it on eBay and ended up spending about $200 exactly. It really moves the water!

  4. UGA_Grad_Student's Avatar
    Just curious how much did you end up spending on the Fluval FX5??
  5. UGA_Grad_Student's Avatar
    I love that cabinet setup with the Fluval in one "little" compartment. I just got a 55 gallon that came with the same filter. Mine just kinda looks awkward in the middle and looking massive under a 55 gallon.
  6. nalu86's Avatar
    I am setting up the same tank.

    I am going with 2 filters: 2x CFS 500 (I'm lucky my tank was drilled)
    For heating I have a 300W inline heater. I would go for the inline heater if I was you.
    Lights are 4x39W T5HO Glo that I will make my own canopy and reflectors. (its possible I will do an extra line)
    I use Miracle Gro Organic Potting Mix capped with Black diamond sand
    Power head is an aqueon 950.
    I'm looking to buy a 20 pound tank and dual stage regulator. Have an inline rex defuser plumbed in.
    Have my manzanita ready (bought from PC1 (Rafael Mendoza))

    My tank is still in a drystart phase until I am ready to buy a CO2 reg.

    Good luck and have fun, setting it up, its the most fun part :)