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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilde
    How about an update!!
    Unforunately i had to shut this setup down due to moving house. I have a basement area now that i will begin to start these breeding again. The setup you see above did give me 3 fry that survived and are swimming happily around a 20 gallon as I type
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    How about an update!!
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    Awesome idea there!! Keep us posted!
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    My Kribensis did the same thing. 30 + fry and for 3 days and the 4th day, All gone. This is the 2nd time with babies.
    I say for get it and took the male out. They had kill many of my other fish.
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    Excellent blog - I'm glad I read it.

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    Great blog! Thanks for your effort to write it!

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    Nice! Thanks!
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    I really enjoyed your blog. Keep us updated!