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  1. Breeding Neon Tetras..... A Fresh Start

    I decided to start over with this project and have been cycling a 10 gallon tank for the last 3 weeks using an already cycled sponge filter and some panties stuffed with established substrate so we are good to go now.
    This tank is setup different than the last tank and hopefully it will stop the adult fish from eating the eggs. I have made a false bottom using egg crate and plastic mesh so that the eggs will fall through and land safely on the bottom where i should be ...
  2. Breeding Neon Tetras

    So ive decided to try my luck at breeding what i would class as the most common species in the trade.... The Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) I have no clue if i will succeed but if i dont then no harm done, however if i do then i will finally get on the ladder and earn some BAP points !

    DAY 1)
    With the amount of rain we have had recently i decided to leave a 5 gallon bucket outside with a insect window screen above to hopefully collect pure rainwater without any creepy crawlies ...

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  3. Breeding My Kribensis (The Final Days)

    Since the fry have hatched and are free swimming now, ive decided not to do a day by day blog. I will keep the blog open and will update when anything inetresting happens.

    The color and the features of the fry are more noticeable now with them being a grey/white speckle.

    (May 2nd) Most of the fry have gone, not sure if the parents ate them or if it was my fault. I have managed to net the remaining 6 and place them in a breeder tank inside the parents tank. I have been ...

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  4. Breeding My Kribensis (Day 21-30)

    DAY 21. . .
    Finally !!!!!! As i was feeding the Kribs at around 4pm today i noticed the female was nowhere to be seen. I looked inside the PVC pipe and their she was fanning the eggs. I had a quick look and then left the tank alone as i dont want to spook her. Im really hoping they dont eat the eggs this time.

    DAY 22. . .
    Although this morning the eggs are still in the pipe im not sure that the pair know what to do just yet. I was expecting to not see the Female for ...

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  5. Breeding My Kribensis (Day 11 - 20)

    DAY 11. . .
    Today i decided to make my own fish food, a quick google search gave me a few recipes. I mixed whole shrimp with peas, spinach, zucchini some liquid multi vitamin and Spirulina powder and out came what looked like a giant booger ! I hope it tastes better than it smelt !! I poured it into some ziploc bags and placed them in the freezer. A few hours later the food was ready and dinner was about to be served. I decided to try it out on my Platys first in another tank. . . just ...

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