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  1. Breeding My Kribensis (Day 1 - 10)

    I thought i would take the time and share with everyone my progress on breeding my Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)
    This is the first time i have tried breeding Cichlids. My past experience in fish breeding has been with Molly's & Platys, so the Kribs maybe a challenge. I started this Blog on day 3.

    I attended my first aquarium auction on 20th March 2011 organised by Atlanta Area Aquarium Association, being a newbie at this hobby i decided ...

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  2. How to Recaulk a Tank in Three Easy Steps (Step 1 Cont'd)

    I got a bit more work done tonight than just my previous blog entry so here for your viewing pleasure are some more photos documenting my progress tonight.

    In the following pictures you will see the alcohol and water mix and rags I used, and you will also note how thin the caulk is on the upward lines of the tank. It's really no wonder the thing didn't leak sooner!

    You will notice that as I got to work on the caulk on the bottom of the tank, I managed to scrape/peel the ...

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  3. Need to re-home a gorgeous Titanium Flowerhorn cichlid

    Up for adoption is a rare and gorgeous Titanium Flowerhorn Cichlid. 2 years old and as big as a full grown Oscar. He is in a 36 gallon tank and needs a bigger tank (55 gallon minimum). He is very aggresive and likely needs to remain by himself.
    Only serious and capable indivduals need inquire.
    Adoption fee $110.00 (might negotiate a little with the right new parent)
    email me or call .....
    Steve (770) 598-6567
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  4. Breeding Neon Tetras

    So ive decided to try my luck at breeding what i would class as the most common species in the trade.... The Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) I have no clue if i will succeed but if i dont then no harm done, however if i do then i will finally get on the ladder and earn some BAP points !

    DAY 1)
    With the amount of rain we have had recently i decided to leave a 5 gallon bucket outside with a insect window screen above to hopefully collect pure rainwater without any creepy crawlies ...

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