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  1. Breeding My Kribensis (Day 11 - 20)

    DAY 11. . .
    Today i decided to make my own fish food, a quick google search gave me a few recipes. I mixed whole shrimp with peas, spinach, zucchini some liquid multi vitamin and Spirulina powder and out came what looked like a giant booger ! I hope it tastes better than it smelt !! I poured it into some ziploc bags and placed them in the freezer. A few hours later the food was ready and dinner was about to be served. I decided to try it out on my Platys first in another tank. . . just ...

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  2. Breeding My Kribensis (Day 1 - 10)

    I thought i would take the time and share with everyone my progress on breeding my Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)
    This is the first time i have tried breeding Cichlids. My past experience in fish breeding has been with Molly's & Platys, so the Kribs maybe a challenge. I started this Blog on day 3.

    I attended my first aquarium auction on 20th March 2011 organised by Atlanta Area Aquarium Association, being a newbie at this hobby i decided ...

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  3. Invertebrates

    Seems this may be the fastested growing segment of our club. I was hoping it would be plecos, but I am happy with the interest in invertebrates recently.
    I currently have 6 amano shrimp
    2 bamboo shrimp
    16 blue bee shrimp (thanks Liz)
    ???? of RCS
    4 adult dwarf orange crayfish
    ???? baby orange crayfish (at least 12 that I found but possibly as many as 25)

    nerite snails
    apple snails
    assassin snails

    I would like ...
  4. Attendance Points Updated!

    The race is on!!! Check out your attendance point total at:

    Remember, you'll collect 10 attendance points just for attending a monthly meeting. Those points can be turned in for "Fish Bucks" to purchase fish related items at our annual Christmas Party "Fish Buck" Auction in December. There may be other ways throughout the year to obtain attendance points through participation. Stay tuned!

  5. New Site/ Forum format- and YES, Blogs!

    How do ya'all like it?

    I'm sure you'll all have ideas to make it better, more versatile, etc...but browse around a few days and get familiar with the features.

    Initial reactions?

    I love it!

    'other' Larry
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