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    Atlanta Area Aquarium Association Annual Spring Auction
    Windy Hill Community Center
    April 7th, 2019

    On-Site Registration Begins at 10AM
    Auction starts at 11AM

    Registration Information:
    If you wish to buy or sell at the auction you must register for a bidders number. Directions can be found at the below link.

    Register Here!

    Volunteer Information:

    Volunteer Here!!!

    Auction Rules:

    Venue Directions:
    1885 Roswell St SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
    One Mile North of I-285 on I-75
    Exit 260 Windy Hill Road and head West. (Northbound - left turn)
    One Mile - Left turn on to Roswell Street (Golf range will be on your right, Marine training facility on your left)
    Venue is on the right

    Area Hotels:
    Comfort Inn and Suites
    Hyatt Regency Suites
    Days Inn
    Red Roof Inn
    Comments 16 Comments
    1. boadams87's Avatar
      boadams87 -
      What time does it begin?
    1. HN1's Avatar
      HN1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by boadams87 View Post
      What time does it begin?
      Registration opens at 10:00, auction starts at 11:00.
    1. boadams87's Avatar
      boadams87 -
      Thank you.
    1. toshia's Avatar
      toshia -
      I am trying to register as a seller. I am already registered as a bidder what do I need to do?
    1. Tropical's Avatar
      Tropical -
      I believe it's the same registration, just look for the "Add items to sell" or something like that.

      See #5 on the first post :)!!!
    1. Mog Carns's Avatar
      Mog Carns -
      From Anywhere -

      One Mile North of I-285 on I-75
      Exit 260 Windy Hill Road and head West. (Northbound - left turn)
      One Mile - Left turn on to Roswell Street
    1. GTMerciless's Avatar
      GTMerciless -
      Thanks, Jeremy. I stole this for the main post ;-)
    1. fishfarm's Avatar
      fishfarm -
      not open yet for Fall auction?
    1. djramsey's Avatar
      djramsey -
      Tried to register. As usual can not. The invalid secret no one really knows what it is code is wrong. 11 times. KATY wrong, LFAN wrong, BlBA wrong. now invalid 14 times. Guess I just won't sell or buy anything. So be it.
    1. aXio's Avatar
      aXio -
      Weird, I've never had any issues registering in the past 10+ years.
    1. gofish's Avatar
      gofish -
      Try typing the code 649946 instead of pasting it, maybe? Try using Chrome? Sounds like a browser blocking javascript issue to me. Are you running noscript?
    1. canoe's Avatar
      canoe -
      I could not register using Firefox, but Chrome was fine.
    1. Pierre's Avatar
      Pierre -
      Chrome fine, do NOT cut and paste the auction code, but type it.
    1. Mog Carns's Avatar
      Mog Carns -
      Brian, it sounds like he is having captcha problems.
    1. JadeAutumn's Avatar
      JadeAutumn -
      If I'm registered as a seller, do I have to register as a bidder as well?
    1. Mog Carns's Avatar
      Mog Carns -
      You do not, they are one and the same.