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    The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association meets one Saturday every month at 1:30PM at the Windy Hill Community Center.

    Windy Hill Community Center
    1885 Roswell Street, SE
    Smyrna, GA 30080

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    2017 Meeting Schedule

    January 7th (Saturday) - Larry Jinks - Working with Livebearers
    February 4th (Saturday) -
    Larry Jinks - Working with Livebearers
    March 4th (Saturday) - Heather Moulton-Meissner - This Hobby Makes me Sick! Mycobacterial Disease in Fish and Fishkeepers
    March 26th (
    Sunday) - Spring Auction (Windy Hill Community Center)
    May 6th (Saturday) -
    Jakub Lapinski - Aquascaping
    June 10th (Saturday) - ARC/AAAA BBQ @ Premier Aquatics 12pm
    July 8th (Saturday) - Eugene Lee - A Trip Around Uruguay
    August 5th (Saturday) - David Ramsey - For the Love of Catfish
    September 16th (Saturday) - Q&A Panel Discussion & Bowl Show
    October 15th (Sunday) - Fall Auction
    (Windy Hill Community Center)
    November 4th (Saturday) -
    Todd Wenzel - Barbs of Asia and Africa
    December 2nd (Saturday) - Holiday Party
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    President Len DiCenso
    Vice President Brianna Mercer
    Secretary Jackie Way
    Treasurer Jim Datka
    Bookkeeper Buck Meyer
    Board of Directors


    Article Preview

    Atlanta Area Aquarium Association By-Laws

    Article 1: NAME
    Section 1: This Association shall be known as the "Atlanta Area Aquarium Association"

    Article 2: MEMBERSHIP
    Section 1: Applications for membership shall be submitted to the membership chairman with the payment of at least one (1) year's due
    Upon their acceptance into the Association, each member shall receive
    a: One copy each of the Association's Constitution and by-laws
    b: The Association's electronic newsletter
    c: Access to all Association's programs and activities
    d: A special membership sellers rate at our auction events
    Section 2: There shall be five (5) types of membership; Individual, Family, Sponsor, Complimentary, and Emeritus defined as follows:
    a. Individual: persons of any age paying that amount specified for individuals dues; they shall