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  1. William can you give me a call when you get a chance 678-205-6312
  2. Roger,
    I can go anytime except sunday. Have any suggestions on sharing the cost of travelling? You would have to give direction on how to pack them for travelling. It would be a 6-7 hour trip from St Augustine to Atlanta. I was thinking about going down one day and coming back the next and going straigt to your place.
  3. I saw you replied to the guys sale of discus and tanks. Are you really interested in going to florida to pick that stuff up for me? One thing about working is I have money but no time.
  4. Hi, How are you all doing? I am back in Ga living and working in alpharetta. I am easing back into discus and looking for some of my old strains. I am in an apartment so not many plants
    I managed to save only 2 in all the moves
    But have been working for a year, working midnight shift, so that is why dissapearance, midnight shift is hard, messes up the days and weekends
    Feel like a vampire sometimes.
    So how is it going?
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