Breeding My Kribensis (The Final Days)

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Since the fry have hatched and are free swimming now, ive decided not to do a day by day blog. I will keep the blog open and will update when anything inetresting happens.

The color and the features of the fry are more noticeable now with them being a grey/white speckle.

(May 2nd) Most of the fry have gone, not sure if the parents ate them or if it was my fault. I have managed to net the remaining 6 and place them in a breeder tank inside the parents tank. I have been changing 5 gallons every other day. I have noticed on the sides of the tank there is algae growing.

(July 4th) Unfortunatly all but 1 fry died, however since my last post the kribs have bred again and the fry will be 2 months old on the 21st of this month. There are around 30 fry and they are doing very well. The Male is in the 30 gallon with the fry and the mother is now in a 10 gallon with another batch that became free swimming last night ! I have decided that i will stock my 75 gallon tank with Kribs and whatever i have left i will sell.
I have also placed about 5 fry inside a 5.5 gallon with Platy fry and have noticed that the kribs act totaly different to the kribs that are in the main tank. They swim all over the tank where as in the main tank they swim in the bottom region only. Also when i go to feed the fry in the 5.5 gallon they swim to the top and in the main tank they wait for the food to sink. Everything they do is based on what the platys do in which they live with. Im hoping they continue this behaviour so when they are adults they will be more free swimming than those that will stay around the bottom area.

(July 11th) The fry are almost at selling size now and are around 1". They are very healthy and to be honest i will be sad to see them leave, but i know i cant keep 50+ Kribs in a 30 gallon tank !

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. Below are some random pictures i have taken along the way.

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  1. Dasher's Avatar
    Excellent blog - I'm glad I read it.

  2. Skyboyx's Avatar
    My Kribensis did the same thing. 30 + fry and for 3 days and the 4th day, All gone. This is the 2nd time with babies.
    I say for get it and took the male out. They had kill many of my other fish.