Goodwill Program

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Hey folks! The other Larry inspired me to check out the blogs so I figured I'd use it to document the club's goodwill program. The "program" is in it's infancy and I could really use YOUR help to get things going. The only thing that is really defined is our goal. To benefit the community. It seems to me that it should probably be in aquaria related ways, but we could also do bake sales and donate if that's what is supported. For now, we've made a very modest effort at a first project by setting up and maintaining a small tank at the Forsyth County Senior Services Center.(

So now we need other stuff! What can we do as a club to benefit the community while promoting environmentally conscious fishkeeping? That is the question left to you. Let's hear those ideas!

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  1. HN1's Avatar
    Hey all! I need help with a Kindergarten tank. I'm scheduled to set it up on Wed or Thu and would love ideas for decor. It's going to be a 20G long with easy low light plants, PFS, guppies and inverts. Anyone happen to have any "school related" tank decor or ideas?
  2. Elleabridges's Avatar
    If you are not to far from me I'd love to get on board with you on this. I love to volunteer but limited on driving ability. Where r u working at?
  3. HN1's Avatar
    We're in Cumming and have two tanks set up now. One at the Forsyth County Senior center and one at the Amana academy charter school in Alpharetta.

    Where are you? We can always find a worthy location close to you to minimize the driving needed. :)
  4. Elleabridges's Avatar
    I'm in Duluth/Johns Creek. We just moved here in January so I'm not to familiar with what is around me. I'm very limited in driving I can't get more than 10 miles out from me. It's rather agravating but, does save on gas money lol.