Attendance Points Updated!

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The race is on!!! Check out your attendance point total at:

Remember, you'll collect 10 attendance points just for attending a monthly meeting. Those points can be turned in for "Fish Bucks" to purchase fish related items at our annual Christmas Party "Fish Buck" Auction in December. There may be other ways throughout the year to obtain attendance points through participation. Stay tuned!

Fifty points are currently up for grabs to the winner of our Postcard Photo Contest! PM me with your name and e-mail address if you need the link to upload your photos. You will need to be a current member of the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association to participate. Please read the rules before uploading your photos!

Good Luck!!!


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  1. ITZYBITZY's Avatar
    Loved the meeting yesterday. Dave's talk was great and so educational. I got a pair of killies at the auction and can't wait to make my "mop" for their eggs. I had to run before the auction got started and forgot to sign the log. I guess that's to bad for me.