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Seems this may be the fastested growing segment of our club. I was hoping it would be plecos, but I am happy with the interest in invertebrates recently.
I currently have 6 amano shrimp
2 bamboo shrimp
16 blue bee shrimp (thanks Liz)
???? of RCS
4 adult dwarf orange crayfish
???? baby orange crayfish (at least 12 that I found but possibly as many as 25)

nerite snails
apple snails
assassin snails

I would like to see a little local net working going on between invert keepers.
What does anyone else keep and might be willing to sell in the future? I will convert a couple more tanks to inverts down the road.
Also it would be nice to see who has what in case of an invert specific problem so one could email another person in the club that keeps the same species. Sort of like a local invert section.

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  1. blackace22's Avatar
    Well right now i don't have to many inverts but always looking for more
    current inverts
    -1 red cray fish
    -few rcs
    I am with Garfieldnfish on getting invert keepers togther
  2. nblack4's Avatar
    I have 50 RCS i started in a 10 gallon. They're healthy and some are berried
  3. Garfieldnfish's Avatar
    My invert inventory has grown a little. I now also have Malawa shrimp and my blue bee shrimp are breeding. If anyone is interested in some blue bees in the future, let me know. I might bring some to the September auction, but I am not sure yet if I will go. I currently have somewhere around 40 blue bee shrimp and 4 berried females, so there will be more to come. They are much easier to take care of than CRS and tiger shrimp and don't might higher temps or lowered TDS either. I am amazed that they do as well as they are doing.
    I am also interested in CRS and orange eyed blue tigers. A trade would be welcome.