Setting up a 75 Gallon Tank

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Yes, ladies and gents, it is that time again! As well all know, we ALL only have room for one more tank, and I am no different! A friend here at work is selling a 75 with stand and lights for $200. She kept Rocky the bearded dragon in there and Rocky, at the tender age of 11 has passed. A moment of silence for Rocky....

Okay! I've been eager to make an effort to consolidate some tanks, and this is an excellent opportunity. I currently have these tanks running: 125, 55 x2, 37 tall, 29, 20 x3, 10 x3. Eleven tanks is not much at all, but what is killing me is the time it takes to do the water changes for the various sizes. The 55s and 125 are easy - even the 29 and 37 are easy, but the 20s and 10s are wearing me out. Time to consolidate a few (and make space for one more tank!).

One of the first decisions I am working over about the new 75 is filtration. I really do like hang on back (HOB) filters, but I missed the sale at Petsmart and I don't like getting different makes of filters - I like buying bulk filters on eBay to be used in all my bigger tanks (except the 125). I found 24 of the Tetra Whisper Large economy filters online for $26, including shipping. Suh-weet!

Getting off topic, I'm looking at a Fluval 406 right now. It is rated for 100 gallons so that will make for a great turnover rate and good water quality. I have an FX-5 on the 125 and think it is a great filter, so I'm going to stick with Fluval.

I'm going to reuse the substrate in two of my 20 gallon tanks to be consolidated (natural tan color) in addition to the plants, caves, and decorations. I also thought about reusing most/all of the water from these tanks, I have a 44 gallon trash can that I use for my water changes. I don't think cycling the tank will be an issue, boy, I sure hope not!

However, the one thing I think I need to think through is who all gets to live in the new 75. Right now as it stands, here are the occupants of my 2 20-gallon tanks:

1 male ram
1 unknown sex loach
1 zebra danio
1 pair of Apisto Jim (A. boreli) apistos
1 presumably male geophagus "red head tapajo"
2 SAE (siamese algae eaters)
~6 corydoras of different species

That's it! I also have a 10 gallon with some Cryptoheros "kanna" (about 5) from the last auction that could probably survive the above list. I also have a single ram in the 37 tall with about 5 gourami in there. I was thinking I would move that ram into the 75 and see if the other ram will get along and maybe even have babies. For that, I thought I'd move the apistos into the 37 with the gouramis.

Of course, once the kanna grow up, I will have to make some decisions about tank mates for sure!

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Setting up a 75 Gallon Tank" whereby I actually pick up the tank and bring it home (Friday, November 29).

Thanks for reading!

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