Time for Hobbies

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It used to be books. It was a bit of an expensive hobby, especially if you could not make it to the library. Building your own mini-library of your favorite books can take years. I am, after all, still building mine. Then, I branched out to decorating our home. Adding accents: greens to be specific. Soon enough, I wanted to have something at home that I could tinker with if I wanted to. Painting and furnishing was too expensive.

Then my brother dropped off a small tank with betta fish. I kept it at work, since it was relaxing to watch the fish. Especially when I needed to rest my eyes from my bookie pay per head work. But I started working from home, so I brought them home and my kids just sort of claimed them. We're still working on teaching them to care for fish, but they have been asking for a bigger home for the fish.

Theres an old tank I have here that my brother also have me a while back (cannot remember why) that I brought out recently. They've helped me clean it. Well, one of them did. I was hoping to put this in my home office but the kids want spongebob and patrick to join the fish we have. So now we are planning to set up the old tank. Im still getting them all before we start working on this, although I did tell my kids we need to study it first.

But I'm busy, and I don't have much free time. So my eldest is doing research. I'm getting the decor they want, i'll suggest a few items, but the keeping the fish alive will be on the kids. I'll be keeping track of how they do this, and intervene if necessary. But so far, its not just building a tank that's fun, but doing it with the kids make it even more fun than expected.

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