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Thread: Base Rock

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    Base Rock, Reef Rock - aprox 300 lbs - $2 lb

    I have close to 300 lbs of base rock. It varies from Florida, Fiji, etc. Sizes range from baseball to basketball and weights from a few pounds to over 20lbs per piece.

    I will be getting individual pictures of some of the better looking pieces that I can post soon, but for now all I have are pics from when it was inside the tank.

    The rock has been used in a freshwater system for the last 5 years.

    I'm asking $2 a pound - you can come pick which ones you want or I can pack and ship (shipping fee applies) any amount you need.
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    I have roughly 90 lbs left - $2 a lb or best offer. Mainly smaller pieces softball size to mini basketball sizes and two rock about the size of regular basketball.
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    Where are you located, exactly? I'm in the Sandy Springs area...

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    Located in cumming off exit 13
    No small golf ball pieces either it's all nice size stuff for stacking.

    90 lbs at $2 lb


    $150 takes it all.
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    Need to make room in the garage - $1.75 lb

    Roughly 90 lbs left.

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    can you text or pm me some pictures?
    I might be interested in some pieces for a 210g.

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    rock pics

    So I have two about the size of a youth basketball. One is 16 lbs and the other one is 12 lbs. I have a lot of medium sizes and several of the smaller size. Some are more dense than others, some are pretty light for the size. I took a pic of some laid out and the rest in the tub for you.
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