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Thread: Aulonocara Calliptera Brood

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    Aulonocara Calliptera Brood

    I'm surprised how strong the fry are: about 27 fry with no loss in 2 months. Here is a picture of the dad. I only have one pair, but the male is not harassing the female as other Aulonocara do.

    Aulonocara Calliptera Male 1024.jpg

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    Beautiful fish. Good luck with them!

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    Are you sure of the ID, the pic looks more like victorian. Or this fish

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    I would say without a doubt that is not an aulonacara . I would also say the person who said astatotilapia calliptera is most likely right there is another species that looks similar but it is rare .

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    Yes, my bad... it is an astatotilapia calliptera.

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