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Thread: Free Pleco

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    Free Pleco

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site and I've never been to a meeting (though I plan on going to this month's meeting). I'm not new to the hobby but I'm finally getting very serious about it. I have a 14-16" Common Pleco that needs rehomed. I can't get the exact measurement on this guy but he is pretty large. Currently he's in a 55 with some platies and two angelfish. I've tried to plant it but he ends up ripping up the plants and rearranging the substrate so I've given up for the time being. I've had him for six or seven years now and he's always been very healthy. I've never had any issues with him being sick and he eats very well. I've added a very large/long piece of driftwood to the tank and if he isn't laying under it he is acting like a bulldozer and rearranging all the gravel around it and making pits for himself. It isn't fair to keep him confined to this tank and at this time I don't have the space or budget to upgrade to a larger aquarium. I figure that a minimum of 100 gallons would be required for him. I don't have any other plecos and I now warn people against buying them. He's been great part of my aquarium over the years but for his own health I've got to find him a new home.

    If anyone would be interested in helping me find this guy a new home I'd be very thankful.

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    Sending you a PM

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